We're here to control the home bar chaos.

Serving premium spirits and mixing unforgettable cocktails is certainly a big task. It requires a healthy array of bottles, ingredients, methods and variations. There’s just a lot to keep track of, a lot to know and even more to learn. That’s why we created Homebar. We wanted a space to keep track of our spirits and ingredients, keep our custom cocktail recipes handy and to learn more about the wonderful world of imbibing.

If you want to know what you have on hand for a party or to entertain, we have inventory management. Want to learn great cocktail recipes and impress your guests? Start here on the blog. We are spirit enthusiasts and home bartenders ourselves – so we’ve delved deeply into the world of spirits to provide guidance, tips and even some fun facts.

Right now, we’re focusing on building our bottle library – a vast collection of thousands of bottles, so you can load up your Homebar inventory quickly and easily. We have features for both home bartenders and bottle collectors/bottle hunters coming as well. Here are a few other key features we have in the works:

  • Cocktail recipes (and your custom recipes, too)
  • Wish list/shopping list
  • Bottle hunter alerts
  • Social sharing of inventory

And a whole lot more planned! Be sure to sign up for alerts on our homepage or feel free to contact us with any questions – we’re an open (cocktail) book!

For Distilleries

Hey! 👋 Thanks for visiting us! We love to make connections with distilleries as it helps us expand our bottle library and we can learn more about the spirits/expressions you have to offer. Please feel free to  reach out at any time – we look forward to hearing from you!