Supercharge your home bar.

Homebar is your bar inventory, recipe manager and a Mixologist’s best friend.

Homebar does a few important things.

1. It tracks your inventory.

Never worry about running out of liquor or ingredients again. With our inventory tracking feature, you’ll have the ability to see what’s fully stocked, what you’re running low on, and know exactly what you need to pick up from the market.

2. It keeps your cocktail recipes.

Storing recipes in your head is, well, difficult. And nobody likes pulling up recipes online or fumbling for a piece of paper before they start pouring. Record your custom recipes with Homebar, and browse our suggested recipes too!

3. It tells you what you can make.

Having inventory is great, but wouldn’t it be better if you knew what you cocktails you could make with what you have at home? We certainly thought so, and that’s why Homebar will tell you what cocktails you can make with the ingredients you already have inventoried.

Coming soon.

Homebar will be completed Fall 2020.